Factory Tour

The production base has a number of modern workshops, which are strictly controlled in terms of workshop environment, equipment and employees. Closed workshop, dust central processing system, 24-hour constant temperature, humidity and positive pressure ventilation workshop environment to ensure the safety and health of production environment and finished products to a greater extent.

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The quality inspection center will strictly control the quality management of products and establish a rigorous and standard management system in raw materials, R & D, production, logistics and market feedback. Since its establishment, the quality inspection center has continuously improved in terms of quality inspection management, technical operation and supporting services. The quality inspection center will not only recheck and test each batch of raw materials, but also reserve samples for testing each batch of products in each production line during the production process. There are more than 395 testing experiments, 1256 sample data are collected, and through standardized and systematic rigorous testing, so as to ensure product R & D and quality.

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As one of the important links of supply chain management, storage center integrates various operations such as goods distribution, storage and transportation mode conversion. Its management level is directly related to the smoothness of supply chain management and the overall operation level and competitiveness of enterprises.

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Therefore, a sound storage management system is particularly critical. The storage center of Yanying enterprise adopts the first in first out three-dimensional storage mode, integrates scientific and reasonable management systems such as location management, distribution rules and transportation conversion mode, realizes the orderly management of inventory control, storage period control and quality maintenance, responds to orders quickly and flexibly, and improves the throughput efficiency and three-dimensional storage capacity.